Return of the Fast Ford: Ford Performance Cars Sales Figures Skyrocket

Added: 29 September 2016

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For many years, the family-friendly Ford Fiesta has been the UK’s most popular car. But over the last year, a fresh range of fast Fords have seen the Ford Performance cars top the charts as UK favourites too. The new Ford Mustang and Ford Focus RS recently joined the Fiesta ST and Focus ST to create a perfect range of road-ready performance cars. The result? Fast Fords are selling like hot cakes to happy customers from across the UK. Figures for 2016 came in at 13960 in August, almost double those achieved over the same period in 2015.

New Focus RS Sales Figures

The star of many viral Youtube videos by drifting pros such as Ken Block, the Focus RS has caught the eye of drivers with a need-for-speed through its blistering 4.7 seconds 0-62mph time as well as its unique ‘drift’ mode. It’s also extremely affordable for its capabilities, with prices starting at £30,620. These factors combined have lead to a total of 5,050 orders from us Brits.

New Ford Mustang Sales Figures

An iconic American muscle car which has made silver screen appearances for many years, the new Ford Mustang is now available to UK customers complete with right-hand drive. It’s been an instant hit, making over 2400 sales from the start of 2016 until August.

Ford Fiesta ST

A racey version of the UK’s favourite Ford, the Fiesta ST continues to be a performance favourite. By August, sales figures for 2016 reached 4,310, and increase of over 500 on figures for the same period last year. Its 6.9s 0-60mph sprint, combined with its everyday driveability, is doubtless a contributor to this hot-hatches popularity.

Ford Focus ST Sales Figures

A hot hatch with a touch more practicality, the Ford Focus ST secured 5350 UK sales from the start of 2016 up to August, the highest of any Ford Performance car. Producing 246bhp, the Focus ST achieves 0-62mph in a feisty 6.5 seconds.

To find out more about Ford Performance cars or to book a test drive in Shropshire in the Fiesta ST or Focus ST, get in touch with Blackhurst Garages; we’re always happy to hear from you.